The Freelance Correspondent

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The Freelance Correspondent

The course is for freelance journalists, writers and media professionals who wants to travel more or want to move abroad to freelance in a brand new location. We won’t teach basic journalistic skills, but will provide concrete tools for experienced and beginners in the freelance world who wants to report from around the world. The Freelance Correspondent will teach you to plan a freelance trip, and boost your sales by researching and generating unique ideas before you leave. The course will be tailored to your personal dreams and career plans, with exercises designed to prepare you for your next freelance trip abroad and give you concrete tools to work with. It will also touch upon how to ‘versionize’ your stories to fit with different publications and customers.

The teacher on The Freelance Correspondent course is Rasmus Thirup Beck, a freelance journalist based out of Copenhagen but with the world as an office. He holds a degree in anthropology and journalism from Denmark, and has lived in and freelanced from New York City and Gulu in Northern Uganda. Rasmus often travels to different corners of the world to freelance with a photojournalist by his side. The biggest (award winning) project he helped create is where he delivered written and filmed climate stories from Tuvalu, Syria, Georgia, Nicaragua and Bolivia. He has also worked from Japan, South Korea, Greenland, Spain and Sao Tomé e Principe.

Rasmus is an experienced teacher, having taught and run workshops at various Danish educational institutions, Face the Climate and Developing Stories.

“Other journalists envy my reportage trips,
but everyone can do it
– it just takes good planning,
an ambitious sales effort
and a certain sense of adventure.”

Rasmus Thirup Beck,
The Freelance Correspondent.

Course content and exercises

The course will cover:
» How to start working as a freelance correspondent from in an unfamiliar country.
» The choice between moving to or travelling in a country.
» How to versionize and sell stories to a broad variety of media.
» How to sell stories from developing countries to international media.
» How to build a network from scratch in a new country.
» How to plan an effective and profitable reporting trip.
» How to make more money and to produce a better product by working closely with a talented photojournalist.
The exercises will be build upon your dreams and plans for your freelancing. These are examples of potential exercises:
» Where in the world would you like to freelance from? How is the competition, what is on the agenda, and is it possible to work freely as a journalist?
» Which stories have already been published in British and international media from the country?
» Make a list of five publications you would like to freelance for. Contact the relevant editors and see if they would be interested in stories from the country.
» What is your speciality and what would you write about from abroad? Do research on the country and its region based on your expertise/speciality.


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