Robin Juel Johansen, CEO.

Robin Juel Johansen


In charge of developing new courses, innovating existing ones and making sure that Developing Stories is the best place to go for courses in journalism, media and communication.

Rasmus Thirup Beck, journalist.

Rasmus Thirup Beck


Freelance journalist based in Copenhagen with the world as an office. Rasmus teaches our Danish courses and freelances his way through different stories on the road.

Mette Frandsen, photojournalist.

Mette Frandsen


Freelance photojournalist always ready to grab her kit and jump on a plane to somewhere new. Mette teaches our photo courses and documents what happens behind the scenes on our trips.

Liv Høybye, photojournalist.

Liv Høybye


Photojournalist with a thing for Africa where she has both worked and travelled. Liv teaches our photo courses and works on developing and improving courses from our HQ in Copenhagen.